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    La storia di Topolino firmata Parafernalia

    Over 90 years ago one of the world's leading pop icons was born, an authentic planetary symbol that has conquered (and still conquers) the hearts of children and adults, even earning a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

    We are obviously talking about Mickey Mouse, the famous mouse with gloves that, generation after generation, has enchanted everyone with its incredible stories.

    Like so many other successful stories, everything starts from a garage, from a difficult situation and from so much determination, a perfect representation of the American dream.

    It is 1928 and Walt Disney is an artist in crisis, abandoned by all his collaborators except for his longtime friend Ub Iwerks; together they begin to give life to a new character, Mortimer, a funny little mouse who, on the advice of his wife, will be "renamed" Mickey, a more reassuring name than the previous one.

    The first releases, however, prove to be a failure until an intuition leads the two friends to make a risky choice, risking what has been done up to that point: making the first cartoon with sound synchronized and entirely voiced by its creator! His projection, which took place in 1928 at the Colony Theater in New York, proved to be a success, unleashing the applause of all the participants and making the image of the mouse whistling eternal.

    From here onwards for Mickey and Walt it is a continuous ascent between awards and world-wide awards and, subsequently, from the film one passes also to the printed paper: in 1930 in Italy a magazine entirely dedicated to him is created also that since then you never stopped to go out on the newsstands.

    In all these years, we have seen Mickey Mouse change appearance often but one thing has always remained intact: its characteristic good humor, its always being kind and cheerful in every situation, characteristics that have made it a timeless phenomenon.

    And it is precisely this nice little mouse, the only one that everyone would like to have at home, that Parafernalia dedicates, in the 80s, a line of pens.

    At that time Parafernalia had made non-fabric fabric panels (50x 70 cm) to hang in children's bedrooms, depicting 8 Walt Disney characters. Simultaneously with this success, Parafernalia revolutionized the printing on pens, designing, together with a manufacturer of silk-screen printing machines, an instrument for printing on pens at 360 °, something impossible until that moment.

    Made in three colors, black, green and red, Parafernalia pens are born from the idea of bringing joy and at the same time to tell this story and celebrate a myth.

    Do you remember them?

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