• Amarcord Time - The Rap & Roll Parafernalia sound

    Momento Amarcord - Il sound Rap&Roll Parafernalia

    All we need to create our universe is a pen.
    A writing instrument can sometimes save us the day, can help us express ourselves, invent, to create our style, to shape our thoughts.
    It is from this idea that every Parafernalia design creation starts.
    A tool that is useful, but also has a particular, innovative style while remaining simple and essential.
    Just like Rap&Roll, created by designer Sergio Carpani.
    A simple body give a pleasant tactile sensation even more emphasized by the special ergonomic rubber grip.
    Rap&Roll has been designed to be extremely comfortable, robust and technically perfect.
    But comfort without design would not be in perfect Parafernalia style and this is how they are born the different colors for a writing that is both functional and creative.
    The name Rap&Roll embodies the originality of the instrument, a tribute to music, the rhythm of rap and the charge and innovation of rock and roll.
    And there could be no better name for a roll that marks the break with traditional pens.
    Revolution and beauty ... that's how we like to synthesize this Parafernalia design object.
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    Rap & Roll ParafernaliaRap & Roll ParafernaliaRap & Roll Parafernalia