• Made in Italy is in good hands - Double interview

    Il Made in Italy è in buone mani - Intervista doppia

    These are Antonio and Stefania, the artisans of design, the soul of Parafernalia.
    Both born in Milan and design enthusiasts.


    Three adjectives to describe you?

    Antonio: Creative, farsighted, courageous

    Stefania: Concrete, determined, available

    When did you arrive in Parafernalia?

    Antonio: In the early 70s as a student, I was looking for an afternoon job to pay for my hockey skates.

    Stefania: 1990s, creating the "Duopen", a duo made by two women, a laboratory for the production of third parties for which Parafernalia was the main customer..

    Your role in the company?

    Antonio: I started as a warehouse worker, succeeding so hard to become responsible for production.

    Stefania: Currently, in addition to managing the production part with Antonio, I deal with accounting with Italy customers.

    How has your work in the company changed?

    Antonio: Now I manage the company with Stefania, continuing to do everything I need to put into practice what I've learned over the years.

    Stefania: From an artisan in charge of production to contact with customers and promoters of the brand in the stores. I like to meet customers and tell them the "secrets" of our brand, to suggest the most suitable products for their needs.

    What do you love about your job?

    Antonio: The variety, every day, is different from the previous one and every product has something different.

    Stefania: Being able to create something original, remaining true to one's style.

    What does Craft mean to you?

    Antonio: Manuality, genius and creativity

    Stefania: Simply "Handmade", made with love and commitment.

    What does Made in Italy mean to you?

    Antonio: Made in Italy: Designed and created in Italy

    Stefania: To produce and work with Italian artisans

    Describe with two adjectives Parafernalia

    Antonio: Contemporary and / or evergreen

    Stefania: Recognizable and "different"