• Falter 2D Parafernalia: the pen to build

    Falter 2D Parafernalia: la penna da costruire

    We could have offered you a simple pen and instead we created Falter 2D.
    We wanted to show that you and we together can create something wonderful.

    On this conviction, we thought of a revolutionary object that, thanks to a mounting kit and simple instructions, "born" in the hands and enriches the pure gesture of holding a ballpoint pen and writing.

    A "do it yourself" simple and fun for those who love to try their hand at assembling their pen, piece by piece, instruction after instruction.

    What's this?

    Parafernalia Falter 2D is one of those original pens that must be studied before using. Enclosed in a kit of several pieces, it is accompanied by a small ruler, a stylus and a small key to join the components together.

    Who is behind the idea?

    Designed by  Albert Ebenbichler, developed by PARAFERNALIA® in collaboration with ATOdesign, Falter 2D is a Made in Italy realization thanks to the most advanced technologies .

    Who was it created for?

    Parafernalia Falter 2D is perfect to give to those who are able to grasp and appreciate originality, innovation and, why not, even a bit of extravagance.

    An ideal gift box for enthusiasts, professionals, the most curious and all those who love the unmistakable style of Parafernalia.

    Have you ever thought of building your pen from you?
    Now you know that with Falter 2D it is possible.
    And if it's still not clear how to do it here is a video tutorial and instructions:


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