aprile 10, 2019

How we realize our projects

By Antonio Raffaelli
La progettazione di Parafernalia

Time and passion for the new and the Milanese context always on the move have allowed us to experiment with different production techniques and materials.

From steel to plastic, up to aluminum, a material that most characterizes our production process and that best suits our needs and your needs.
We wanted innovative, light and resistant objects.

Thanks to the finishing treatment called anodizing, oxygen comes into contact with aluminum, leading to the formation of an oxide layer on the metal that gives it a good resistance to corrosion and abrasion.
Once resistance is achieved, we have thought about aesthetics and color, choosing 12 different colors.

Each piece is produced in Italy and each element is assembled by hand, we work in a traditional way, always choosing quality materials. Made in Italy has always been our goal, a declaration of love for our country.